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Inadequate Performance Can Have A Significant Impact On Your Employees, Your Company, and Your Business!

This 38 page eBook covers up to version 8.4 PeopleTools, and presents several general methodologies and techniques for performance tuning your PeopleSoft environment and applications in an easy to read manner. Whether you are a System administrator, DBA, manager, developer, or system architect, this book will assist you in identifying areas where improvements in your PeopleSoft server hardware, database server, application server, web server, and applications can be obtained. 

The intention of this eBook is to provide you with several structured methods, techniques,  and tips, in one document, that enable you to better tune your overall PeopleSoft environment and applications.

The topics covered will range from hardware, to configuration, servers, poorly written SQL and indexes. The ultimate goal is to enable you to get the most value out of your PeopleSoft software investment..

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This eBook is designed to be used by managers, DBA's, administrators, architects, and developers of all skill levels who want to learn ways to enhance the performance of their PeopleSoft systems. 

Table of Contents
This Table of Contents show the information available in this book. 

Introduction 5
Architecture 5
Tuning the Database Layer 8
     Storage and I/O Tuning 8
     Configuring the Database parameters 9
     Oracle Hints 9
     Cost-Based Optimizer 10
     Using Oracle Hints in nVision 11
     Application SQL and Indexes 11
     Network Tuning 12
     Chapter Summary 12
Tuning the Application Server Layer 13
     Hardware Requirement Guidelines 14
     Multiple Application Servers 14
     Load Balancing 15
     Tuning Application Server Parameters 15
     The PSAPPSRV Service 16
     PSAPPSERV Memory Usage 16
     MaxInMemoryObjects 17
     Caching Objects in Memory 17
     FetchValue 18
     Chapter Summary 20
Tuning the Web Server Layer 21
     Hardware Requirements 21
     Network Tuning 21
     Service Pack Level 22
     Tuning Connection Backlog Buffering 22
     JVM Heap Size and Garbage Collection 23
     TCP Timeout/Cleanup Settings 23
     Servlet Reload 23
     Use Server Clusters to Improve Performance 24
Tuning the PeopleSoft Application 25
     Ineffective Indexing 25
     Temporary Tables 27
     SQL Tuning 27
     Why Tune SQL?? 28
     The Oracle Optimizer 30
     Explain Plan 32
     SQL Tips 33
     Other important points for SQL Tuning 34
     Purging Application Data 35
     Application Engine and Set Processing 35
     PeopleCode Performance 35
     Replace Where Exists Statements 36
Summary 38
     Tuning and other PeopleSoft Resources 38


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