Every PeopleSoft Developer & Analyst Should Understand This Topic and Know it In Detail! 

The Component Processor is the PeopleTools runtime engine that controls processing of an application from the time that a user requests a component from an application menu until the database is updated and processing of the component is complete. 

If you want to know what the most important concept you need to understand as a PeopleSoft developer; It is the Component Processor and how it allocates Buffer space, how it places information in the buffer, and how to ensure that you maximize its use.


  • Understand the PeopleSoft Architecture and the Component Processor

  • What is the Component Processor and What does it Do?

  • Understand the PeopleCode Events and How The Component Processor uses them

  • Know the order in Which PeopleCode is Triggered

  • Learn About Occurs levels in a Component

  • Learn the Rules of the Component Buffer Allocation

  • Know what fields, records, and PeopleCode gets loaded into the Buffer and when

  • What is the Buffer Allocation Order

  • Understand Application Performance and the Buffer

This 30 page eBook covers up to version 8.5x PeopleTools, and discusses the PeopleSoft Internet Architecture, the Component Processor, the Component Buffer, PeopleCode Events, and Buffer Allocation.  It also lists specific tips for ensuring your applications are designed appropriately and to help you ensure adequate performance.  This information is given to you in an easy to read manner. Whether you are a Developer, Technical Lead, Programmer, or a business analyst, this book will guide you through understanding the Component Processor and the Component Buffer.   

The intention of this eBook is to provide you with information necessary to understand the Component Processor, how PeopleCode programs get executed, what order they get executed, how data is loaded into the buffer, the order buffer allocation, and several methods, techniques,  and tips for designing your PeopleSoft applications with better performance in mind.

Understand the Component Processor and Buffer Allocation So That You Can Efficiently Design, Debug your PeopleSoft Applications?

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This eBook is designed to be used by managers, DBA's, administrators, architects, and developers of all skill levels who want to learn ways to enhance the performance of their PeopleSoft systems. 

Table of Contents
This Table of Contents show the information available in this book. 

Introduction 6
A Review of the PeopleSoft Architecture 7
Meta-Data and Application Data 8
Accessing PeopleSoft Applications 10
Application Server Processes 11
The Component Processor 12
PeopleCode and the Component Processor 14
PeopleCode Events 15
The Component and Triggering PeopleCode 16
The Component Buffer 21
Understanding Occurs Levels 22
Rules for Buffer Allocation 23
PeopleCode Programs and the Component Buffer 25
Buffer Allocation Order 25
Application Performance and the Buffer 28
Summary 30
PeopleSoft Resources 30



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